After Effects CC: Beginner's Guide to VFX Visual Effects (

VFX in After Effects CC: An In-depth Guide to Perspective and Generate Visual Effects in Adobe After Effects CC

Created by: Louay Zambarakji

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Understand the Concepts behind Visual Effects in After After Effects
  • Work and Animate the Perspective Visual Effects Group
  • Create full Projects Using Various Effects, Videos and Graphics
  • With The Complete Guide to for every Effect you will master and create awesome Visual Effects Animations

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

Visual effects in After Effects a complete guide to the perspective visual effects.
From the author of the BESTSELLING, HIGHEST RATED Complete After Effects CC course.
New Section already added covering the Radio Waves Visual Effects with two Complete Projects
Are you starting up in after effects? You know the basics of animating and you want to focus on visual effects?
Or maybe
You tried to use visual effects in After Effect...
You drop the effect and you wonder how to go about it. How to use the controls, how to animate them spending hours trying to figure out how an effect could work?
It gets pretty confusing sometimes. Right?
Do you want to acquire a true in depth, practical and useful working knowledge of specific effects?
The aim of the course is to offer you a complete guide for each perspective effect. It stresses exploring and understanding an effect. The methods you could use to dig deeper and get better results from an effect. You will experience special focus on animating an effect
This will lead you not only to truly master the effect itself, but you will also acquire the knowledge and the skills to tackle and work with many other effects.
All the examples and techniques within the course are researched and explained in details to guide you to master the effect and acquire the ability to use the effect in your various projects.
This is course is starting now as a complete guide to the perspective effects. Each section is a thorough complete guide to a single effect (I really do mean thorough). You will cover:
  • The amazing results you get after animating the Tritone effect
  • The CC Cylinder effect in all its details and how to create an awesome project
  • The CC Sphere a complete guide to allow you to fully understand the effect
  • The CC Spotlight effect with many examples on how to use this effect
  • You will learn why and how to use the Drop Shadow effect
  • The Audio Spectrum Effect with all its controls and various applications.
Coming up all the Generate Group of effects.
The most important learning experience you will go through is understanding and working with effects.
  • You will learn how to explore an effect using simple techniques.
  • You will discover the correlations between the transform properties and the effect controls.
  • You will also learn the concepts of lights and shading within an effect and these are control groups that also exist within many other effects.
  • You will build several projects using CC Cylinder and CC Sphere
  • You will also Learn all the many effects you can generate with CC Spotlight
  • We will cover radial shadow on Graphics and Videos and you will learn how to create perspective shadows.
  • And much more

If you want to master effects, dig deeper in the perspective effects and create awesome animated visual effects the join me in this course.

LouayWho this course is for:
  • Beginners in Visual Effects in After Effects - basic working knowledge of After Effects required
  • Novice who want to expand their skills in Visual Effects in After Effects
  • Intermediate After Effects Users who want to polish their skills and Learn more about Visual Effects
  • Video Editors looking to implement Visual Effects in their videos
  • YouTube Publishers wanting to spice up their videos

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Instructor Details

Louay Zambarakji

The Highest Rated and Bestsellers After Effects and Video Editing Courses on Udemy.
Video Editing, Animation, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects is what I lovecreating and teaching, Offline and Online.
After Effects is what I love working with, every day, (except Sundays, my wife and kids won't let me.)
I learned these the very hard way, very long time ago (since 1985) and I am still on it. It's amazing when you discover that I used to use assembly language to animate sprites (think of PacMan), Green and B/W screens. Today I am animating Videos in 3D in just a click.
The Path to Mastery starts now. Being in the advertising industry has taught me that precision and a significant attention to details are very important, and makes the difference between a fake and life like animation or visual effect.
What You Will Learn from me:
After Effects: The whole lot. In my course After Effects Complete Course packed with all Techniques and Methods (No Tricks and gimmicks).
Motion Graphics: From simple Lower 3rd to Advanced & Complex Animation up to how to get your 2D character to walk around.
Visual Effects & Compositing: Essentials topics covered in my After Effects and Video Editing courses.
Video Editing: If it's Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve you have excellent top rated courses.
Color Correction & Grading: Covered in my video editing courses.



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Very good. But after some more effects it will be excellent. Some effects are these (9 and 3 no. effect of this video link) also text explosion effect (visa-versa)

Very misinforming title and description of course. Description says he goes through all AE effects but he certainly doesn't.

Great course, details explained well.

It is very good course for the beginners to make them more engaged with After effects and develop their skills gradually . Louay is very talented instructor , he explains the theory then put it in practice and gives examples how to use the effects properly . I did not see anyone like him , his teaching style is the best i've seen in this topic.

I think he is an excellent teacher. I've learned a lot from his courses!

Great course, teacher is very encouraging and explains very well the logic behind the effect so you can use it to its fullest. Looking forward to the additional lessons for this course.

Nice to learn about some specific matter about AE. This course will give clear concept on some particular objects relating to effects and presets.

I learn I wont.

Really good so far, very interesting !!

Very Good Lecturing

Ik ging uit van 2d lessen en veel meer vanuit de basis.

Great course. I look forward to seeing many more in the future!