Build Modern Responsive Website With HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap (

Learn HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap And Build Modern Responsive Website With Modern Trends From Scratch.

Created by: Irfan Dayan

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • You will see the complete Web Development process from Start to Finish project.
  • At the end of this course, You will have a great skills set of HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and Bootstrap Framework.
  • You will learn new ways of coding, tips & tricks and modern best practice to develop a website.
  • You will be able to Build Modern looking Responsive Website which will look great on all the small & wide screens.
  • You will learn about CSS3 Media Queries and You will be able to make website perfect for responsive design.
  • You will get Complete Source Code for real responsive website.

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Course Description

*** Over 4500+ Students Are Already Taking This course ***
*** BEST REVIEWED Course on Udemy ***
This course is about Building Modern Responsive Website with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and some jQuery.
In this course, you will learn how to Build a Modern looking Responsive Website with modern web development technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and some jQuery from scratch.
No coding experience is required for this course. You will learn, how to build a modern responsive website from the very scratch with zero experience.

This course will teach you, how to create a wire-frame for a website before actually starting the development. And then you will learn how to convert a wire-frame to real world website.
You will learn, how to choose right web color, fonts and icons for your website.

In this course, you will learn how to write HTML5 markup the best way. You will learn the Integration of Bootstrap framework which will really speed up the development time and it will allow to add some really great features to a website.
You will learn, new CSS3 techniques to style a website and you will also be introduced to some new concepts such as CSS3 media quires & breakpoints and with some jQuery you will learn how to add cool features to a website.
While building that amazing beautiful website, you will learn new ways of coding, tips & tricks and modern best practices that will make you a professional web developer in a very short time.
Student's Reviews:
  • This course is one of my favorite courses and I learn new things and on my path to build responsive html5 website in this course. Instructor is teaching step by step with high quality audio and videos, Even at 360p video quality is excellent. - Awais Riaz
Who this course is for:
  • This course is for anyone who want to learn Web Development Skills. This course will teach you HTML5, CSS3, jQuery & Bootstrap at ground level.

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Instructor Details

Irfan Dayan

I'm senior web developer working in development field for last 8 years and with great passion for online teaching. I've worked on hundred of web projects for my happy clients, I mean 'HAPPY' clients :)
Teaching online is great way to spread knowledge in this modern world, therefore I'm here to teach you best of my web development skills.
Waiting for something or someone? I think, you must not :) Sign up today and join me to take you on some awesome journey! The journey of learning GREAT skills for web development!



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This is quite simply the best course on Responsive Web Development on Udemy.A sample project with simple, clear and consise instructions allowing students to follow along.I was able to take the work and use it to build my own responsive website.I hope to see further courses going into more detail on backend development.

This course is pretty good, but you should improve your pronunciation, sometimes it can be hard understanding some words!Great Job anyway : )

This course was a good review for anyone trying to understand CSS and Html in a more professional manner. Irfan was available all the time proving excellent resources.

Its a prefect end to end course. Before taking this course my knowledge was scattered. But now I am confident to build a complete website. course content is crisp and focused. good work and keep it up!!!

The instructor accent is very very hard to understand. Very hard to listen for a long time. He just run through the project and doesn't acctually explain what everything is doing. If I wasn't famillier with the language it was really hard for me to understand. On the plus side there are parts that the explanation are very extand. Didn't feel like I learned something new

Bad: Because it was an older course I didn't always receive prompt support. English pronunciation wasn't always the clearest, but good enough still. A bit too much repetition. I would have been interested to see how to achive some of the things with css instead of jQuery (plugins). And maybe vanilla js instead of jQuery. I would say jQuery is a bit heavy for a website like this.Good: Clear structure, great tools and great end product. Definitely worth the money. Thank you.

the instructor explains every tag he uses and gives very good resources, I recommend this course for everyone who wants to build a good website, although not for beginners.

I love this coarse. It helped me to create my own beautiful website meanwhile learning HTML5 and CSS3 pretty well. Irfan is a great instructor. He answers your questions really fast and that is something I really liked.

Irfan is a great teacher and always available to help if needed. The course is very easy to understand for the beginner. I learned so much and I thank you for helping me many times. Good luck to you Irfan!

lecture is awesome, and Irfan you are best even in direct one to one classes we dont get this much reponse from our are awesome!Best lecture to learn for web designing!

Good basic course, need some updates

By D T on

Great course. However, pls specify the versions to be used or have an updated tutorial for the latest version esp bootstrap.