Figure Drawing Crash Course

This YouTube tutorial provides eight easy lessons that teaches students the fundamentals of drawing the human form. By staying focused, the tutorial can help people who struggle with drawing to corner a skill that might otherwise elude them.

Created by: Ethan Nguyen

Produced in 2013

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    • This is one of the most accessible tutorials on YouTube. It’s very easy to follow successfully.
    • Students will see rapid improvement in their drawing skills, maintaining a high level of encouragement throughout.
    • Course does not stop with static human figures. It covers dynamic poses as well.
    • Course does not step outside of the “human” topic. Students will not learn how to draw in general.
    • Course is built on a specific approach to drawing. Artists who are trying to expand their repertoire will be frustrated.
    • Despite being a short tutorial, lessons will feel slow at times.

Instructor Details

Ethan Nguyen

Ethan is a professional artist and teacher and have taught thousands of students how to draw the head and figure through his courses and online videos. Ethan's strength as a teacher comes from his ability to deconstruct complex subjects into manageable concepts. And his attention to detail helps him to explain these concepts in a way that is very approachable to students. In order to make sure his courses contain the best available information, he's constantly researching, studying, and training to improve his artistic skills.



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By Ae Saguil on 05/15/2020

Thank you! Honestly, I never thought I needed to hear Michael's story. Turns out there are so many of us who can relate to Michael. I've been drawing for years, from traditional to digital and now I feel like I need to go back to traditional so I can keep up and master the fundamentals of drawing.

By Yves Beaumont on 04/03/2015

Instant fan of this! I'm about to start my comic book and this is what i need!

By Siddharth Deshpande on 01/12/2020

I'd really like to thank you and your co-instructor, Michael, for the amazing drawing lessons. I think I'm able to draw much better human sketches and within no time, I've seen significant progress in the same. Thanks again!

By Escarlin Tejada on 06/02/2016

Loved the video. It's exactly what I needed to hear and I'm very excited on watching the rest of them.

By ShinobiPanda 23 on 08/23/2017

Wow! Thanks! This was really inspiring and it helped me to understand that I need to learn the basics first instead of just charging in!

By ARvango on 04/26/2016

I am so glad I found this site! The videos are just what I needed! Thanks for sharing and please keep them coming!!

By Muhammad Farooqi on 05/12/2014

this is simply aowsome.. I had been looking this for a week. .and finally i found this..

By Armendicus on 12/25/2013

great tuts man.. some of the best on youtube n I watch em all.

By Annabells117 on 12/01/2013

Thanks for these great videos. It's helpful to return to fundamentals.

By Shashi Prakash Sharma on 05/04/2018

that was really helpful sir...i really appreciate the effort...

By Cherry Lasting on 04/16/2015

As a complete beginner who has never touched a pencil properly. Part one was actually extremely helpful for me. Why all the complaints? The guy was clearly telling us not to rush.

By Lance Prep on 06/06/2018

I like this. Although the first video didn't actually cover any drawing, it helped me get a better idea of how important the fundamentals are.