How to Draw

Created by: Josiah Alan Brooks

Produced in 2019

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drawing Awards Best NEW Course

Drawing tips and tricks applicable to any program or medium!

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Josiah Alan Brooks

Josiah Alan Brooks, known online as Jazza, is an Australian YouTuber, artist, animator, and presenter best known for his art tutorials, challenges and animations. As of March 2021, his channel has over 896 million total video views and 5.13 million subscribers.



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By PopCross Studios on 08/12/2019

So many awesome tips AND so much awesome art!!! Easily my favourite vid you've done in a while :D

By Poppy Mason on 06/25/2019

Im home taught, and Ive never been to school or any art classes, my parents were never too into art either so I couldnt learn from them when I was younger, but wow, your channel has helped me so much in the past, and Ive come back to it two years later and realised why I was watching it while I was drawing crappy figures, its just amazing, I know you wont see this but I guess I sort of put this comment here for myself? Ive got a collage interview tomorrow for an art course so I need to improve, Im pretty bad right now, so Im about to binge your videos.

By HeadNumb on 07/02/2019

This is amazing! I was just finishing a really big illustration and felt like something was still missing.

By Niasama on 06/30/2019

Thanks a lot for the tips ! I'm definitely gonna try some !

By AngelBowties on 08/01/2019

So motivating! I like drawing in the anime/manga style and when you say to "draw in the style you hold your power in" it makes me feel more confident adding my own take on drawings & design in the anime style (:

By Jasmine Fecknaaa on 08/15/2019

Yessss this mustve been really hard to do! It really helped me with my drawings!

By Scribble Fix on 04/30/2019

Amazing artworks jazza! These are beautiful! And also great tips!

By Storystein on 05/26/2019

These tips are actually really good! I will keep them in mind with future artworks!

By Cbear's Cookies on 05/12/2019

I loved thease tips. I will definitely use them over this year.

By Kiji Art on 07/05/2019

Great tips, as always! I love your videos, Jazza. You have such a nice, laidback, fun personality that makes it easy to follow what you're saying.

By destiny spider on 06/04/2019

Thank you for the tips. They actually felt to me like they were somewhat.. impactful?Like.. From most tutorials I don't seem to learn anymore, even if I still have a loooong long way to go in art, however this video actually woke me up to some other aspects I never considered before.