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JavaScript from basic to advanced level. Project - based JavaScript course. JavaScript ES6 guide. Including JSON & AJAX

Created by: Code And Create

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • You will start from the JavaScript fundamentals and go to an advanced level
  • You will get a deep understanding about how JavaScript works behind the scenes
  • You will be able to check your knowledge using lots of coding challenges and quizzes
  • You will learn how to manipulate on the web page using Document Object Model
  • You will be able to understand the most advanced topics such as function constructors, prototypes, first-class functions, closures and much much more
  • You will code and build the real-world application using object-oriented JavaScript and modular patterns
  • You will be able to get 24/7 support from the instructors

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Course Description

If you want to start learning to program or you already have some basic knowledge, then you are in the right place. This course gives you a chance to take your knowledge to the next level. You will start from very basics and reach the most advanced level.
Let's actually talk about what the course covers...
JavaScript Basics / Intermediate:
You will learn about the very basics of this language, like how to write JavaScript, what kind of syntax it has. What kind of data types JavaScript uses, functions, conditionals, objects, loops, etc. At the end of the section, you will be able to build your very first basic JavaScript application -- 'Digital Clock', followed by the coding task and quiz.
JavaScript Behind The Scenes:
In this section, you will be able to learn how JavaScript works behind the scenes. If you want to be a real JavaScript developer then you definitely need to understand how the code actually works, how the JavaScript engine executes and runs the code under the hood. You will cover very important topics, such as the global execution context and global object, what is execution stack, scope, and scope chain, hoisting, the special keyword 'this' etc. At the end of the section, you will check your knowledge with a quiz.
Document Object Model (DOM):
You will learn how to manipulate individual and multiple elements, how to change the web page content, how to style the elements using JavaScript and much more. In this section, you will build your next project -- 'Note Manager', which will be more complex and interesting than the previous one.
Advanced JavaScript:
This is the section where you will feel confident in JavaScript because you will be able to learn and understand the most advanced concepts in JavaScript. You will cover the following topics: function constructors, prototypal inheritance, prototype chain, first-class functions, closures and much more...
Advanced JavaScript Project - Quiz Application:
When you reach this point, you will be able to build the most advanced real-world application using pure JavaScript. You will learn how to write a real-world app using object-oriented JavaScript, you will be familiar with how to organize, structure and make your code safer using JavaScript Patterns.
Next-Generation JavaScript:
At the end of the course, you will be able to get familiar with the latest updates of JavaScript. You will learn about the next version of JavaScript, ES6 or ECMAScript2015. You will cover the following topics: Get familiar with Array helpers, let/const block-level variable declarations, arrow functions, template strings, default parameters, spread operator, rest parameter, destructuring, classes and much much more...
JavaScript Interview Questions:
The last section of the course will help you to get ready for your JavaScript interview. In this part, you will meet commonly asked JavaScript questions on the interviews and the relevant answers on them.
Test your knowledge with lots of QUIZZES AND CODING TASKS!!!
24/7 Support From The Instructors!!!
JOIN US! Who this course is for:
  • Student who wants to start learning JavaScript from scratch
  • Student who has some knowledge in JavaScript and wants take it to the advanced level
  • Student who is specialized in other programming languages and wants to get deep understanding in JavaScript
  • Everyone who wants to learn and become a master in one of the most powerful programming language in the world

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Code And Create

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We are specialized in multiple technologies and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue JS, NodeJS, MongoDB, PHP, OOP, MySQL, Python and much more...
'CodeAndCreate' also runs a YouTube channel called "Code And Create", where we create free educational content in Web Development / Design / Programming.
We are excited to be here and we are eager to share our knowledge and experience.
Looking forward to seeing you inside our courses.Hi,
I'm George, a full-stack Web Developer / Designer, Co-Founder of 'Code And Create' and an author of several Best-Selling courses on Udemy.
I'm excited that I'm here and have a chance to help people to learn one of the most interesting and powerful fields today.
I decided to share my knowledge and experience with the world and that's the main reason why I'm here at Udemy.
I'm specialized in the following technologies: HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, React, React Native, NodeJS, Git, and more...
Looking forward to seeing you inside my courses and help you to become a professional web developer.

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Great teaching with deep concepts explanation. I am really loving this.

thank you! I already took your other course and don't regret this one. Very useful and clear explanation I learned a lot.

Was good to begin with but going forward, terms and explanations are getting harder and harder to fathom.. but still a very good course!

this course is amazing, i'm brazilian and the teacher is so clear i able to understand everything, so i recommend !!

As someone that has experience in html/css this course helped me alot to learn javascript essentials. Wish there was at least 1 project after the section Next Generation Javascript with es6. that is why i gave it 4.5 stars instead od 5.

Detailed content, clearly explained, good examples of each topic, natural pace. Overall excellent.

- " ". - , )

Course covers Javascript theory explained clearly and straightforward. As in case of all CodeAndCreate courses all lectures are well organized and structured- there is no jumping from one topic to another, syntax is presented in nice, clear way, there is also nice comparison for es5 and es6; I also liked the fact each section ends with quiz- where I could test what I have learnt and see where I have to improve. I personally lacked some more projects referring to DOM manipulation or functionality of JS used for websites or applications for better reference and structuring of what I was learning and applying this step by step to modern projects. If more such projects are added to the course I would be happy to update to 5 stars. Speaking form beginners perspective in programming: Quiz project is nice- but too advance, although you learn all the syntax you may get lost...therefore something inbeetwen would be more than appreciated :)

Now I can undestand how javascript works and learn a lot of ways to use it

amazing course thnx u for ur effort it contain all basic js with a simple easy way any newbie can found it easy to understand

The way he explains the concept is very good..liked the course.

A brilliant course and teacher - loved every second, engaging and informative.