Ultimate Excel Waterfall Chart Course (Udemy.com)

Impressive Excel Waterfall Charts for Your Reports - From Scratch. No Add-ins, No VBA - For ANY Excel Version!

Created by: Leila Gharani

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Include impressive & dynamic variations of the Waterfall chart in your Management Reports
  • Create the standard Waterfall Chart from scratch (that works with negative values as well)
  • Download the Excel Template and use it now for your reports
  • Optimize the Waterfall chart for presentations
  • Create Vertical Waterfall charts from scratch (that works with negative values as well)
  • Create Stacked Waterfall Charts
  • Learn advanced Excel Chart techniques that you can apply to your other charts to improve your reports

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Overall Score : 98 / 100

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Course Description

Want to Include impressive Waterfall / Bridge Charts in your Corporate Reports?

Waterfall graphs or bridge charts provide great visualizations for Management Reports.
In this course you learn how to include different variations of the Waterfall Chart in your reports. No VBA or Add-ins are required.
The best part is you can use ANY version of Excel too.
You'd like to impress your Management and colleagues by introducing new techniques to create simple and effective Waterfall charts? Then this course is for you!
Course includes:
  • Downloadable Excel Workbook of all Waterfall Charts covered. Feel free to use these as your Waterfall Templates.
  • Cheat Sheets in PDF format as your Quick Reference Guide for the future.

Why use a Waterfall Chart?
A waterfall chart or a bridge chart is a very liked chart by Management. For good reason too. They provide an effective way of visualizing your data that helps you understand how you got from one balance to another balance. They are common for financial figures they allow you to see the profit development how you got from gross sales to net income or how your earnings developed from last year to this year. But they are also a good story teller for non-financial data.
Do you use Excel add-ins for your Waterfall or struggle with your data preparation?
Many people use Excel add-ins to create the Waterfall chart. Why? Because they save on the frustration and headache that comes with preparing the data properly for the charts. On the downside, sometimes add-ins can't do exactly what you'd like and for some charts you might want to do it from scratch. You might also be interested to find out what the best method is for creating Waterfall charts from scratch in Excel. If you are, this is the right course for you!
Waterfall Charts Covered
  • Excel 2016 Waterfall chart (for those that have Excel 2016)
  • The most flexible method to create the Waterfall chart (for any Excel version)
  • How to tweak the Waterfall chart for presentation purposes, e.g. long category labels can result in an "untidy" look for the chart and divert attention from your message, adding dynamic, moving arrows that reflect the total difference between end and beginning values, etc.
  • Vertical Waterfall chart - bar Waterfall version - (for any Excel version)
  • and much more - new lectures will be added to address different business issues
Excel Version
You can take this course no matter which Excel version you have. The course is done on Excel 2016 but you can follow along on your version as well. Everything can be recreated in older version of Excel 2007, 2010 & 2013, except of course the new Excel 2016 waterfall chart. Whenever I use a technique that's available from a specific Excel version, I do state it in the video. You don't need to worry about compatibility when you share your charts. Something you need to worry about if you use Excel 2016 standard waterfall chart.
Praise for Visualization Secrets for Impressive Reports

"She frames the content in ways that are applicable to my current job..." -- Lauren Brown, Udemy Student
"She has me thinking of different ways to organize my data...and to better present my results to my readers..." -- Robert Goodman, Udemy Student
"I have purchased several courses on this topic from Udemy, but this is by far the best..." --Merchant, Udemy Student
"Every video I learn something new." -- Darshan Patel, Udemy Student
"Leila does an excellent job to show how to easily update graphs dynamically, and best visualize your data..." -- Ugur, Udemy Student
"Course is clear, to the point and very dynamic. Excellent!" -- Paul Guirlet, Udemy StudentWho this course is for:
  • You want to learn how to create different variations of the Waterfall chart in Excel
  • Financial Analysts & Controllers
  • Persons responsible for preparing Management Reports
  • Persons interested to learn new Excel techniques to create impressive charts

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Instructor Details

Leila Gharani

Leila Gharani is a Microsoft Excel MVP (Most Valuable Professional) dedicated to helping you create outstanding tools and reports in Excel. Her courses are for those who want to learn Excel, accelerate their careers and achieve more in less time.
Leila' background is Masters in Economics, Economist, Consultant, Oracle HFM Accounting Systems Expert & Project Manager. For over 15 years she has worked in the Finance and IT departments implementing reporting systems based on Oracle and SAP. All the while using Excel VBA to automate and improve processes.
Since 5 years, Leila runs her own Excel site and has an active YouTube channel with many engaging, high quality videos. She provides customized Excel dashboard seminars, enhanced visualization techniques, and advanced Excel seminars to large corporations. She also teaches at the University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria.
Her courses include examples based on her experience as well as the consulting work she has done for international companies. Many of the Excel tips and tricks she shares is based on the questions received from experienced professionals in her Excel training sessions.
She places great value on keeping her Excel courses not only informative but also engaging. For this reason, students will find enough challenges, exercises and downloadable files to practice so they can maximize the value gained from each course.
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By Michael Dickinson on a month ago

I had heard of the Waterfall option but never got round to having an interest until now, I have just completed the full course by using the notes I complied while going through the videos and then completed each in new worksheet.I am positive I shall add this to my work as the chart is ideal to show what can be done with your data, compared with the standard charts.This course is getting better and better with more interestering methods.

By Vernica Bigeli on 5 months ago

This is the fifth excel course I take from Leila - and for the fifth time she did not fail o impress me!

By Dhaval Patel on 8 months ago

I came for the waterfalls ... I stayed for the excellent knowledge of everything Excel Chart related.

By Abhay Mathur on 11 months ago

Before today I could not imagine that waterfall chart can be made using chart type other than stacked column type, this course opened the world of usage of error bars, up-down bars in making waterfall charts. Also I was unaware about the camera feature in excel, this too is new learning for me.This course offers something which I could not find on youtube or other free internet sources. Glad that I paid for this course.

By Roger Williams on 8 months ago

Very interesting topic give me some great ideas for new charts.

By Michaela Bellinger on 4 weeks ago

Yes. I did not know you could link a text box to a cell so learning so much more than expected. Very clear instructions

By Saboor Ahmad on 10 months ago

So much information on a single topic. Another great course

By Tobi Lenker on 9 months ago

I am learning waterfalls for a promotional opportunity at work. I am glad it's geared to the beginner level too :)

By Mir Abdul Kader on a month ago

Its a first class course. Best of luck to the instructor

By Shantanu Shukla on 5 months ago


Great ! Very precise and clear explanation of drawbacks of Excel 2016 Waterfall chart. Obviously the reason I choose to take this course.

By Azlina Amir on a year ago

I used this waterfall chart to present monthly cash flow position of my company. My boss really impressed with my presentation! Thanks Leila for clear guidance!