C# Programming Tutorials: Beginners

AngelSix developed this 18-part course to bring beginners into the fold of C# programming. The total series lasts for roughly 12 hours, and it takes students from introductory basics into intermediate C# concepts and applications.

Created by: Luke Malpass

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Getting started with C#.
  • Variables and parsing.
  • Loops and complex logic.
  • Functions and regions.
  • Manipulating string text.
  • Binary and bitwise operators.
  • Interfaces.
  • Much more.

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

The first in a series of tutorials on programming in C#Starts with installing visual studio, creating a console application, looking at variables and understanding the program structure



    • It gets the YouTube pros of being free and widely accessible. You can review it as many times as you like and never be charged.
    • Tutorial does an amazing job of helping beginners start to think like a seasoned programmer.
    • There is sufficient information to get well past the beginning stages of working with C#.
    • While aimed at beginners, course does make frustrating assumptions of prior knowledge and experience.
    • Interaction with the instructor is sparse, and the YouTube community is not the most effective in helping with collective learning.

Instructor Details

Luke Malpass

Luke develops software and hardware systems in a huge variety of areas. He runs YouTube channel, AngelSix, where he gives away his knowledge for free. Learn anything from C# to Xamarin to soldering, hardware design and more.



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By Roger de Jonge on 5/2/2019

Great video. Ive programmed before in C so it was easy to follow.

By EmperorPride on 2/3/2019

Well first thank you, at first in the beggining i thought it would be going over my head but when you started explaining stuff i knew i had hit the best location to learn C#

By Sabir Ali on 11/20/2017

Thank you very much for the best tutorials. You`re the best teacher!

By Evgeny Ginzburg on 12/6/2017

!As a computer science student, I must say that your tutorials are the bridge between academic and practical differenceOh and your teaching skills are amazing!

By CodXFreak95 on 9/23/2017

Great job on the tutorials! Very in-depth and filled with knowledge!

By Marinos Anagnostou on 11/16/2017

Nice job overall.I also like mostly the two main courses you choose, the C# general and the more advance WPF.

By jono77seven on 4/22/2017

Thank you so much for your tutorials, there are not many decent C# tutorials on YouTube..

By Brian Jones on 2/26/2019

Thank you for making these videos...I'm finally getting a grasp on what several books have not been able to show/explain to me.

By MadMax on 7/15/2018

Just thank you! I am from Austria and I had 4 years of programming in High School and I have to say that I've already learned more within this 3 Tutorials as in High School.

By Bekzod Alim on 8/21/2017

For a beginner, my brain shut off (BSOD) after first if and else statement in while loop. :) Its like you just threw me in a pool of logic and told me to swim.

By Elske Wielstra on 3/23/2018

You guide us through all the steps and eventually show what the cleanest code is as well so that we can learn a good way of writing code from the get-go. Your teaching, when I'm done with all of it, gives me a chance to become and work as a front-end developer without an official certificate. I can make a good life/future for myself thanks to you.

By David Armstrong on 1/16/2017

Thanks Luke, your time and effort here is really appreciated. I'm not new to programming, but I'm quite new to C# and I've found what I've done so far, very helpful and look forward to continuing.