C# Tutorial for Beginners

This YouTube tutorial walks inexperienced game designers and coders through a thorough introduction into C#. With 102 distinct videos, you can trust that this is as comprehensive as an introductory YouTube series can get. Developed by Kudvenkat, it aims to be the ultimate resource for learning the basics of C#.

Created by: Pragim Technologies

Produced in 2012

What you will learn

  • Introduction to C#.
  • Reading and writing with the console.
  • Strings and operators.
  • Methods and method parameters.
  • Explicit interfaces implementations abstract classes.
  • Tutorial Generics.
  • Multithreading.
  • So. Much. More.

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

c# Awards Best YouTube Tutorial

Free c# video tutorials from the basics to advanced topics. These c sharp video tutorials are ideal for beginners and intermediate programmers. We will discuss the following with easy to understand examples.



    • This is the one-stop tutorial. It covers everything.
    • Thankfully, its on YouTube. If you get stuck somewhere, you can go back as many times as you need.
    • Even as concepts drift into complicated waters, it is still geared for beginners from start to finish.
    • Its hard to find an introductory tutorial with more information. It can feel overwhelming.
    • While this starts at the very beginning, it gets way past introductory concepts before you're done.
    • With so many videos, you're looking at a chunk of hours to complete everything. Only the dedicated will finish.

Instructor Details

Pragim Technologies

Pragim Technologies is an information technology and services company based out of Marathahalli Akash Cinema Lane, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.



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By Jitesh Srivastava on 11/24/2015

I have learned a lot from this channel, there were many concepts which I found difficult to understand but kudvenkat made things easy.I have personally recommended this to many of my colleagues and most of the time people has found it very useful.Material on his video is concise and approach of explanation is practical which really helps people to understand things easily.

By Aditya Parmar on 4/3/2017

His teaching way and explanation are straightforward and easy to understand. I strongly recommended his video-tutorials for learning C# and MVC.

By Khalid Cawl on 10/3/2015

I have learnt the most basic and fundamental concepts of C# from Kudvenkat. His videos are very elaborate and to the point. Three points make his tutorials some of the best:1. Examples: he gives examples that demonstrate the concept very nicely and fit in naturally.2. Slide presentation: the notes are very concise and highlight the most important points you need to know about the topic.3. Explanations: He explains the topic in a reasonable pace and good clarity. You can follow them easily.

By Onno Invernizzi on 10/13/2018

Note that youll pick up a lot more from these videos that just C#. Youll see experiences programmers utilize Visual Studio in ways you didnt know were possible. They talk about a lot more things then just the code theyre working on.In short, theyre like lectures and you can watch and code along with at your own pace and in your own time.

By Kaushal Mehra on 6/19/2015

It is one of the best sources available online. His way of teaching is very simple and straightforward, covers almost all topics related to C# basics in almost 100 videos.

By Leave the Matrix on 5/16/2016

I just finished the complete tutorial (all 100 videos) and I just want to let newcomers know that this is the best Tutorial I have found on YouTube.

By Kris Maly on 2/1/2019

I enjoyed watch this video and recommend to others to watch and learn.The host is very knowledgeable and his way of teaching and presentation is very good to understand even non-tech programmer.

By John McConnell on 12/13/2015

If in the event I make money as a software developer, I will be donating money to your cause. This video series is the only resource that I've found to pull me in as it's complete and very well mapped out.

By N V on 10/21/2018

These so far have been amazing tutorials, calm, well explained and broken down to easy to understand concepts

By Ryan Hill on 1/6/2015

These Tutorials are more like a college level introduction course! The early videos have some audio issues but not enough to cause problems.

By sinrise on 11/26/2014

This and your other video are the BEST tutorials I have ever seen. You don't simply show what code to use, but you also explain, thoroughly, the REASON you use certain things and what they mean. This is the ONLY tutorial I have seen, including paid online courses, that is truly complete for a beginner. Literally every other one I have seen assumes you know a lot more than an actual beginner would.

By Kimani Wa Ndirangu on 6/2/2017

I have watched this C# video tutorials over and over again.I'm now a competent and confident C# developer.