Learn the Entire Affinity Suite: Photo, Designer & Publisher (Udemy.com)

Master the Affinity Suite & Create: Logos, Books, Brochures, Posters, Brushes, Thumbnails, Learn Photo Editing and More!

Created by: Jeremy Hazel

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • You will master the Affinity Designer, Photo, Publisher and Mobile Apps - The Full Suite of Affinity Software
  • Master Photo Editing Techniques - Layers, masking, lighting, blending modes, effects and more
  • Get comfortable using the Pen tool and other vector tools to create logos, icons and graphics of all kinds
  • Create multiple page books and layouts
  • Know how to export and work with digital and print files
  • Create a wide variety of projects including logo designs, brochures, books, Instagram posts, posters, business cards, create brushes, digital graphics, advertisements and more!
  • Learn design basics like layout, color and working with fonts and type, and mastering Grids
  • You will be able to create your own custom brushes in multiple programs
  • Learn how to work with your own photos to create awesome compositions

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Overall Score : 94 / 100

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Course Description

Are you ready to learn the entire suite of Affinity products and up your design game? This course guides through learning the many tools in Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher and the Affinity mobile apps.
In Affinity photo, Jermey Hazel will build 3 popular advertisements using the Affinity Photo program, as well as 3 separate Youtube thumbnails.an essential skill for any creator using the software. Lastly we will be building a complete movie poster using custom made brushes ...so you learn everything you need to build the poster.
In Affinity Designer Lindsay Marsh will work through all of the major tools and work on an engaging downloadable tracing worksheet, so you can master that pen tool, shapes tool and create a series of icons in your very first hour! We then conquer a bright and colorful logo design as we work with typography and learn how gradients work. Next, we will focus on layout design as we create a front and back of a business card. Want to create a cool type only poster? We will do this and learn how to work with layers and textures. Lastly, we will create a practical tri-fold brochure and learn how to prepare and export files for print.
There is even a section where you learn the Pixel persona option in Affinity designer and create brushes that help you build a complete Sci-fi space scene like you would find in a professionally illustrated children's book.
In Affinity Publisher, Lindsay Marsh will teach you a wide variety of tools like master pages, character styles, photo frames and how to work with large blocks of copy and content to create a beautifully styled front cover of a cookbook and several inside spreads. We will talk about exporting both digital and print files.
Lastly, Jeremey Hazel will cover the mobile Affinity apps - Both Designer and Photo where you will build out a complete Tshirt mock-up for use in multiple projects. We will show you how to do a digital illustration in both vector and pixel personas. In photo we will take 6 photos and create a cohesive themed portfolio for placement and display on instagram from a trip he recently took to Chicago and Milwaukee.
This class is HUGE! With well over 10+ hours of video content, downloadable project files, software instruction and practical fun projects, Jeremey and I are both proud to present this course to you today. Not only will you learn and feel comfortable with all of the software taught in this course you will also be able to create a wide variety of awesome practical projects. I will see you in the first lesson of the course!Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in learning the Affinity Suite of Products (Affinity Photo, Affinity Publisher, Affinity Designer and Mobile apps too!))
  • Those wanting to learn software but create stunning looking projects like logos, brochures, posters, ads, business cards and more!
  • Those wanting to know about basic design principles while learning the software doing creating practical projects
  • Those intersted in Graphic Design, Illustration and most creative fields and are wanting to add the Affinity suite to your software tool belt

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Instructor Details

Jeremy Hazel

With over 20 years tattooing , and almost 40 of being a creative I have been into art since I got something I can draw with in my hand. Starting out in more traditional mediums I cut my teeth in pencil, charcoal, and acrylic painting until discovering tattooing. This began a love affair with art and lead me to open 7th seasons studios. Nothing inspires a higher level of perfection than knowing the client will walk around with my art for the rest of their lives.
After completing a masters in business and having to manage the marketing of a successful shop I quickly realized that the future of art is digital and I began making my own show banners and managing my own website. This sealed the deal and digital art has replaced the traditional pen an ink for me.
Furthermore the industry has changed to such a degree that more and more clients and artists are demanding digital skills i the design and application of art, and so I saw a significantly under served market in people with existing talent, but lacking digital
As a career teacher the most rewarding portion of what i do is seeing someone learn what they previously thought what out of reach and gain a confidence through the learning process....I identify with that because i m a firm believer in the beginner mindset and the idea of a life long learner. To me, art is as essential as breathing and I cannot even narrow down all the ways I express myself through various mediums, that is one of the best competitive advan



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Very detailed. I'm learning A LOT on how to use this suite. I can't wait to get further into the course (almost done with Photo). Take notes, it is very helpful to refer back to what you've done and how you accomplished it.

Awesome course. As I didn't want to use adobe products this course was the best. However, I would have liked a complex monogram logo design in Affinity designer section to learn the substitute for the 'Shape Builder' tool. But this is a very minor thing.Thanks for this great course......

Very happy to learn the basics and start with this to create my own stuff. Thank you for this course!

Yes! Taking these tutorials was a great and essential way of understanding and using the many great features and tools available when using the Affinity trilogy of Designer, Photo, and Publisher. I learned a lot, and I found the material presented in this course to be clear and comprehensive. If a person wants to learn and gain confidence in using this suite of Affinity products, this is the way to go. The course will clarify his or her understanding of the tools available and how to use them when designing and producing a project. Most importantly, it will accelerate their learning process and give them the confidence to explore new possibilities on their own.It certainly did that and more for me

This is an awesome course! Two great instructors coming together from different spectrums of design, leveraging "Real World" learning curves with volume and value.

This course is clear, concise and a joy to study. Excellent for both newbies and experienced designers.

So far I'm loving it! Jeremy Hazel has a wonderful teaching style. I feel like he's teaching his younger daughter. It's very comfortable and relaxing. I also love that he focuses on teaching stuff from a marketing designer's perspective. I'm learning a whole lot as chunks with each session, and going over the previous lesson before going on to the next. I'm finding myself doing this a lot, like learning choreographed dance routines that later I can mix and match.

Let me first say i have not completed this affinity course but i have bought and gone through 4 other courses lindsay marsh has published and loved everyone and i know this one will be no different thats why im confident giving this a 5 star review from the start. I was so happy when she announced on instagram she would be doing the affinity courses and couldn't wait to purchase them :).I use affinity sense i can't afford the adobe software and trying to follow can be a little tricky sense not everything is the same as photoshop so i sometimes get stuck and frustrated so im very glad for an affinity version of her graphic design series.If i could learn from only one person on graphic design it would be lindsay. Shes very clear and breaks things down very well. Hoping this will not be the first and last of her affinity course studies.

Makes selections too fast. Don't have time to see what is being selected. This is made worse because the text is not clear (blurry). Some courses enlarge the item being selected which is very helpful.

Excellent detailed explanations. With simple creative ideas, I can understand.

Decent course...frustrating that fantasy image wasn't included in last download for the file for the Titan Poster

I began taking this course to get a greater handle on the Affinity Suite as an artist. Little did I know that these projects would change my perspective on how I actually present my artwork to the public, and I am only a about a quarter into the lessons.This course is pretty eye opening and fun. It has made me think about how my Social Media presentation is pretty lacking. I now have a lot of bad SM thumbnails, photos, and banners to fix. To think that I was only taking this course to learn the Affinity Suite better. I will be writing a rave review by the end.