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Step by Step Learn React.js and Create Interesting Projects

Created by: John Smilga

Produced in 2022

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  • Make Great Projects Using React

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Course Description

React was released by Facebook's web development team in 2013 as a view library. React is one of the best choices for building modern web applications. React has a slim API, a robust and evolving ecosystem and a great community. In this course we will be learning React by creating various projects.If you want to learn more than just same old tutorial and instead create interesting projects using React.js this course is for you.
All Project Intros are available for preview.
Project Nr 1 - Person List Project
Project Nr 2 - City Tours Project
Project Nr 3 - React To Do Project
Project Nr 4 - Food Recipe Project (Food2Fork API)
Project Nr 5 - Beachwalk Resort Project
Project Nr 6 - Tech Store E-commerce Project


Project Nr 7 - Budget Calculator ProjectWho this course is for:
  • Everyone who wants to learn React

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John Smilga

Hello, I am John Smilga and I am a web developer. I live and work in Los Angeles, CA. I spend most of my day, experimenting with HTML, CSS and Javascript (and it's endless list of frameworks). I enjoy coding and the challenge of learning something new everyday. You can also find me at youtube channel Coding Addict.



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i have completed almost 50% of the course. I really liked it! I had some prior knowledge of React. was looking for a course which covers project implementation. I find this course very helpful. Instructor also covered required concepts of React before each project. couldn't ask for more. excellent work John Smilga!!

Nice course lots of projects to make you understand react better, I need to rewatch some of the videos to master react however money well spent

I liked the course very much at the beginning as the explanation was simple and to the point. However, when I went on for the practical examples of React applications I felt like it became a Bootstrap course. Most of the course turned into building templates with the focus on concepts of React itself declining. I believe that preparing a static page for students to download and converting it to a React application would have saved a lot of time and prevented diluting the main scope of the course.

awesome tutorials. Clear and crisp explanation for the beginners. I definitely recommend this tutorials. All the projects were taken with clear planning that will cover most of the imp corners of React.Completed half of the tutorials and I am eager to complete the rest .

Lovely course, instructor really desires to convey knowledge and did so beautifully, with real projects. Truly loved it, and learned so much.

An amazing course as usual John!!! I bought it once was it was created by John Smilga!!! I love this man's style of explaining, and down to earth approach. You're always a winner if you're taught by John cause he doesn't just give a dry theory like a million and one courses out there. Everything you learn by John gets automatically backed up by a real project where your knowledge gets solidified. Thanks again John for all your hard work. You truly are a Godsent for all your students!!! John is The Man!!! I just found what I was struggling with for four days, and he has the solution in his Vintage Course. Thanks again John for all your hard work!!!

I really enjoyed working on React projects with our course instructor. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to start building nice user interfaces with React. Everything clearly and perfectly explained and easy to follow.

There is basic theory how to do something, then you build a project, then a bit of new things to build a better project, etc... Greate to learn by doing and repetition. For me probably top course on udemy in the art of explaining.

Well described and structured. All the examples and projects really teach you how to handle things.I really wanted to learn about Redux as well but since it was not in the course summary I cannot blame.

Enjoyed the course, learnt a lot, thanks john and keep up the good work.

John seems to be a friendly guy. The way he connects with his audience makes the course not-boring. I like his approach of jumping directly into coding without wasting precious time on theoretical stuff. It's not the perfect approach because basic concepts are important. But he tries his best to teach the theoretical concepts as we code, which is great, considering how short of time we all are. I like the fact that he divides his big projects into a number of videos, instead of cramming everything in one long-ass video. I like the fact that there are 5 good projects which are arranged on the basis of increasing complexity. I like the fact that he explains the installation, initial setup, and post-project deployment part (including GitHub) so well. I am glad I got to learn some basic Bootstrap as well (and other extra stuff like fontawesome, uuid etc).My only advice would be = () => { Although you did explain the following concepts, it would be great if you could spend a little more time explaining how does 'component lifecycle' works. }Cheers!

I absolutely loved this course! The instructor doesn't assume prior knowledge but steadily builds up our React skills, using repetition to hammer home concepts and coding patterns. The icing on the cake was building the killer tech store app with Contentful as its CMS. This app will definitely form the basis of my own future projects. John Smilga has definitely become my favourite Udemy instructor!