Web Development 101

The Odin Project offers this Web Development 101 course to help beginners get a hands-on introduction to tools and concepts that run the internet. It covers the basics of coding concepts, text editors, Ruby, Git HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This is the introduction to a coding bootcamp that aims to get students ready for professional applications.

Created by: The Odin Project

Produced in 2013

What you will learn

  • How to get and use development tools.
  • Git basics.
  • Introduction to front end development.
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript.
  • Introduction to back end development and Ruby.
  • Web development frameworks.
  • Pair programming.

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

web development Awards Reddit's Choice

This is where it all begins! A hands-on introduction to all of the essential tools you'll need to build real, working websites. You'll learn what web developers actually do - the foundations you'll need for later courses.



    • This introduction covers substantial ground, but it is only the beginning. A complete path to web development is available through continued learning.
    • Online community appears more dedicated to success than most, making it an invaluable resource.
    • Self-paced learning lets you get back what you put into the learning process.
    • Similar to free-range parenting, the Odin method is all about self-sufficiency. Those who do best being led by the hand will not succeed here.
    • This is priming students for deep mastery of concepts. Information is dense compared to other introductory courses.

Instructor Details

The Odin Project

The Odin Project provides a free open source coding curriculum that can be taken entirely online. Since it's inception, it has helped many students get hired as developers and has assisted countless others learn enough programming to work on their own personal projects. Founded in 2013 by Erik Trautman, The Odin Project is now sponsored by Thinkful, a new type of technology school that provides 1-on-1 learning through its network of industry experts, hiring partners, and online platform to deliver a structured and flexible education. The Odin Project is maintained and continually improved by a team of volunteers, many of whom learned to code with us.



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By muzfuz on 4/4/2018

I did the whole course about 3 years ago.In the end I felt it prepared me very well. I did well at my first interviews, and managed to do well at my job. Im now in my second position as a Software Engineer.I wholeheartedly recommend Odin, just be prepared to do a lot of the hard work yourself.

By CutenessAddict on 4/4/2018

I really like The Odin Project because it completely removes the insulated, hand-holding browser-based environments of resources like FCC and Codecademy. TOP forces you to set up your own dev environment to program in and lets you suffer and struggle to complete the project challenges (but still gives you enough information to get you started). I think people learn better that way, instead of just typing and copying code into a browser

By Terrencerc on 4/4/2018

One of the biggest benefits is working in your own environment. But I really like how they structure the material and guide you through without holding your hand.One suggestion I can give is to take notes, if it helps you. I use it halfway to help me remember key syntax/uses, but also as a reference to go back to when you may go a few days or a week without using git, or a particular syntax.But TOP in general is a beast of a program.

By drptdrmaybe on 5/10/2019

I just finished the very long, very broad WebDev 101 course this week and can say I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment and ability, but also know there is a lot more to do.Thanks to the nature of the program, though, I have learned to appreciate the rewards of my own effort. I have seen so many different types of technologies, learned things I never even thought about, and began to truly feel capable of achieving my goals.You will be exposed to version control via Git, storing repos on Github, structuring websites with HTML, styling elements with CSS, and developer tools you probably didnt even know you have right now. Youll learn about JavaScript and problem solving, and a lot about learning to make your own judgement about the quality of a resource.

By anotherlurker1111 on 5/10/2019

With TOP you will be forced to study. They give very little examples but provide really on point reading documents that is related to that subject. With other free bootcamp that ive tried they either spoon feed you with the solution or it direct you to their own forum for extra reading which i really dont like.

By thenerd631 on 5/10/2019

It is designed to get you from 0 to Web developer. Not necessarily much else. That being said, I have become interested in pursuing other related interests (developing desktop applications, trying out embedded applications etc), and I feel capable of learning these on my own because of the skills I learned through TOP.

By Jvyyyyy on 2/19/2019

I am currently using TOP to reenter the world of web development again after a few years now (quite rusty and way behind on all the changes but still got some of the knowledge I learned back then tacked in my head) and I honestly like the way the curriculum is structured in TOP. The reason being is that it does not baby-sit you throughout the course of your learning and forces you to actually engage in the material yourself, try things out and in the process of engaging and trying things out, you are ultimately learning. However, it is of course encouraged for you to ask questions when you have them since TOP has a discord that has many active members always helping each other out.

By asdhole on 1/8/2019

The Odin Project makes you set up an actual environment on your computer where you learn how to actually write code. All the learning and projects will be much harder than the hand hold websites, but you'll actually be learning.You'll mostly be doing a ton of reading the developer docs and googling how to do stuff and trying to figure out why your program isn't working, but I figure that's what actual programmers do.I really think sites like codecademy etc are a total waste compared to the odin project.