Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS (

Learn Web Development Essentials and Become a Web Developer From Scratch in this Complete HTML & CSS Beginner's Course

Created by: Brad Hussey

Produced in 2015

What you will learn

  • By the end of this course, you will have a basic & thorough understanding of HTML & CSS
  • Upon completion, you will have coded a handful of useful HTML & CSS examples
  • In the last section of this course, you focus on building a beautiful, semantic, HTML & CSS web page
  • By the end of this course, you will have impressed yourself, and will be able to hit the ground running with your newly acquired skillset
  • Start building beautiful websites
  • Build a portfolio website, so you can highlight your best web work
  • Get the ball rolling for a career in web design

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

HTML and CSS are the two most important languages for a new web developer to learn. They are also the easiest. If youve always wanted to build webpages, but were intimidated by the code, this course will help you learn your first two languages quickly and easily.

Taking a step-by-step approach, this course will have you learning by doing, building several mini-websites from scratch.

Learn the Two Most Important Languages to Web Design Quickly and Easily.
HTML Foundations
Parent/Child Structure
CSS Foundations
ID Selectors
Coding and Styling
What Web Pages are Built Of
Every webpage that you see on the net is built using a language or code. There are many different programming languages that can make your website do various things, but the two most important to learn are HTML and CSS. In fact, even people who plan on allowing someone else to build their website should have a basic grasp of both languages. This way you can tweak things behind the scenes, or change some of your formatting without having to always rely on others.

Contents and Overview
This course of more than 77 lectures and 8 hours of content gives you a basic, yet thorough understanding of both HTML and CSS. The course focuses on having you begin writing code right away so you can learn through doing, and build your own completely functional HTML and CSS webpage at the end.

Youll begin by learning what HTML and CSS are, so you can get an understanding of what it is that they do. During the course youll build several mini-websites that take what it is that youve learned and apply it to real world exercises to help cement the skills.

Everyone from aspiring web designers to bloggers, programmers to business owners can benefit from learning some HTML and CSS. Learn to begin building your own dynamic webpages or manage the page that you already have. If you plan on becoming a web programmer or a web designer yourself, HTML and CSS are the first two languages youll need to succeed. In fact HTML is required for anyone that wants to get into web development from any angle. Learning it simultaneously with CSS allows you to hit the ground running with page design.

Who this course is for:
Total Beginners
Web Design Students
Web Design Beginners
Computer Programmers
Aspiring Web Designers
People who desire a new career path

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Instructor Details

Brad Hussey

A highly skilled professional, Brad Hussey is a passionate and experienced freelancing web designer, developer, blogger and digital entrepreneur. Hailing from North Of The Wall (Yellowknife, Canada), Brad made the trek to the Wet Coast (Vancouver, Canada) to educate and equip himself with the necessary skills to become a spearhead in his trade of solving problems on the web, crafting design solutions, and speaking in code.
Brad's determination and love for what he does has landed him in some pretty interesting places with some neat people. He's had the privilege of working with, and providing solutions for, numerous businesses, big & small, across the Americas.
Brad builds custom websites, and provides design solutions for a wide-array of clientele at his company, Brightside Studios. He regularly blogs about passive income, living your life to the fullest, and provides premium quality web design tutorials and courses for tens of thousands of amazing people desiring to master the craft.
400,000+ Students Don't Lie
Join Brad and adventure into his world of web design, web development, and speaking in code. You won't regret it!
What are people saying about Brad?
"[Brad is] the BEST coding instructor on the planet. Brad has a passion for teaching and he does it with joy. He pours his heart into his lessons and makes you feel at ease. It's just like having your best buddy having a chat with you - only this time



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I started this course with any knowledge about HTML and CSS whatsoever. I would say this course is alright for people who want to learn HTML and CSS quickly and start making websites quickly. However, if you would like to learn HTML and CSS more deeply, than this is not really the course for you. There is no flexbox, no grid, no animations, transitions, transform and some other CSS stuff.

Great Course...Towards the end it felt a little confusing...It would be better if the float & clear functions are explained in a video...Overall great video...I started off from a zero knowledge level...but now I would say I have a strong knowledge on the fundamentals...Great tutorial for beginners to start with.....I am confident to go ahead....

This was a great course. Very well thought out as well as thorough. At times I did find it a little fast but you can slow down the video or pause as needed. Excellent step by step course. I would highly recommend it. One thing about Brad's instruction I can certainly appreciate is his reminders about good clean coding practices and commenting.

An excellent course to begin with. I have taken numerous courses in HTML and CSS. Many a times after the course did not know what to do or how to go about honing my skills. I won't say that this course has made me perfect but certainly has given me a direction to take things forward.I would be building/hand coding my own website which will reinforce my skills and give me more confidence. The other thing that I liked about this course is the templates that Brad has given which is a bonus besides his naming convention of "container" class. For a while, I could not understand what or why "container" is but now realize that we are wrapping the entire code in a block/box called "container"; besides he has kept the course simple by not using any extensive technical jargons.Overall, I certainly recommend this course for beginners. I finished this entire course in about 2 weeks time by spending 1 to 1.5 hours every day (which includes watching and hand coding along with Brad).

Awesome I love this course . I am Year 4 Student it is going to be so helpful to me in my life thanks a lot.

Great course, just the fast pace of the videos makes it a 4 rather than 5 stars (obviously I can pause them, but makes it feels frantic at times).

It's a wonderful learn tool! Very easy to follow along, no time is wasted during the lesson, and the interface is easy to read and navigate. I'm looking up more classes right now to take from Brad.

I am learning a lot, the instructor is awesome. I have no experience with html or css, other than a class I am currently taking, and I was able to follow along just fine. It's amazing to see everything we create in this class! I absolutely recommend this instructor!!

The course was very thorough and useful. My only minor complaint is that it was a bit fast in that I had a really hard for me to keep up and code along. I kept having to go back and pause the videos in order to keep up typing at the same time. I know that pacing is somewhat subjective; what is fast for me might be slow for someone else. So it's possible the pacing may only have been an issue for me.

Best teacher imo, I never thought I could learn HTML and CSS Online so easily, so thanks to brad!

The course is very very good, almost everything about HTML and CSS is explained clearly and easy to understand, step by step, from basic to advanced. The instructor (Brad) shares many real-life experiences also, this is what I really expect when taking online courses like this. But as far as I see, something like shadowing, animation and z-index, ... are not mentioned in the course, there are still rooms to make the course better. Hope that the instructor will update/improve the course in the future to add missing important things. Anyway, thank you very much for an amazing course, Brad!

Un curso muy iinteresnate, facil de seguir y que abre puertas para ampliar conocimientos.