Game Character Rigging with Houdini (

Learn to create custom, game ready animation rigs in Houdini 17

Created by: Richard Banks

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Learn to create a custom game ready animation rig in Houdini

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Course Description

Learn to create an animation ready zombie character rig with Houdini.
In this course we cover the fundamentals of the role of the Technical Animator or Rigger. We will create, node by node, a game ready animation rig ready to deploy into the Unity Game Engine. Along the way we will cover the fundamental concepts of rigging inside Houdini, and create a range of reusable rigging tools using Python and Houdini Digital Assets.
After completion you will have an animation ready zombie asset - and for Houdini Indie users we will explore exporting the finalized rig into Unity for testing.
Not a single step is skipped, we go from zero to a fully rigged, skinned and animated asset, with a versatile user interface.
This course is ideal for beginner animators or someone who is looking to translate their rigging knowledge from another 3D package and leverage the awesome power of Houdini in their game development projects.Who this course is for:
  • Game Developers, Animators, Technical Animators, Riggers, 3D Animators, 3D Modellers

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Instructor Details

Richard Banks

Hi I'm Richard,

I'm a Lecturer in Games Design and Animation at UCLAN and an Independent Game Developer. I've been a Houdini user since version 9 and I'm always keen to share it's power and unique workflow with anyone who is interested! Also a big fan of Unity, Maya and Substance Designer



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I really like the course. Ive learned a lot about how to set my way in Houdini to rig a character.

As someone who is coming from a Maya and coding background, I've gotta say this tutorial was pretty top notch. It covers everything said in the trailer, and is extremely clear about every feature and workflow. I really appreciated the Python section, and I'm excited to use Python in the future. Everything coded was very straight forward, and well commented. In terms bone setup, at first it was very informational and useful, and got to be pretty repetitive. A majority of these bone placement videos just used the Bones tool, Bone tool, and carefully placing Null transforms. I understand that's the nature of rigging, but for a Rigging course I was hoping for more variety in tools and workflows in this section. After that, the capturing, animation and export into Unity sections were clear and easy to do. I learned a lot and I feel confident to jump into Houdini and make my own rigs now!

Very thorough and well presented. It includes a wealth of useful information and the python scripting is an invaluable bonus. It doesn't cover a few areas that I'd hoped for like custom foot and hand controls but I could probably figure most of them out now based on what I've learned from the course.

Outstanding. I'll be using the rig helper on every project. Group lists for showing/hiding groups in the viewport and network view is invaluable. 5 stars for content. That said, there are course questions under the Q&A tab - not many - that have not been answered. This is discouraging to students thinking of asking a question.My suggestion for a follow up course is for advanced facial rigging. I can't work out whether to go with blend shapes or bone rigging. The Houdini facial auto rig didn't work on my character. Hopefully SideFX has improvements in facial auto rig in Houdini 18.

Teaching is style is good and able to work through the rigging process without a hitch. May be a another more detailed course on Character Animation will be useful to get the ins and outs of Houdini tools.Thanks.

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IMO this course is a perfect fit for Houdini with its approach of customizing the existing tooling in Houdini (just the stuff the software is meant for) and showing how to apply both the built-in and the custom tooling. Also, all around it seems like a course stemming from own personal use and experience in the trenches. Really happy with the material and the way it is presented. No needless polishing (like e.g. stupidly scripting every single sentence in advance) but great structure, great delivery, and good pace.

Probably the best and most complete Houdini Rigging course Ive ever found! Great for individuals who know Houdini but have never played around with its Rigging tool set. Also luv the python tools we create. Very nicely done! :-)

Really good initiation to Rigging for games.Now i'd like to see an advanced one !

I am now able to rig and animate my model in Houdini after attending this amazing tutorial with Richard. I've deployed my model in game engines, Unity and UE4 successfully. All thanks to Richard and his added value and tips.Richard was able to close the rigging and animating chapter in Houdini. I believe many artists will feel free to immigrate to Houdini after attending this course. The tutor is easy going during the course and made rigging in Houdini very simple. In fact, Houdini will become the prime application for rigging now.Thank you Richard for your great work and support.

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good at python package and basic interpretation

Fabulous primer into Houdini rigging that is much more thorougher than it looks. Richard has a great style, super engaging, knowledgeable and oodles of passion for what he's doing.