Learn 3D Complete from Scratch in Blender Cinema 4D Unity C# (Udemy.com)

Big 3D Class - Learn Cinema 4D Blender Unity C# from Scratch - This Class is for all People who are interested in 3D

Created by: Karl M.

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • 3D Modeling, Lighting, Texturing, Animating and more
  • Create Basic 3D Models in Cinema 4D
  • Render 3D Scenes in Cinema 4D
  • Create 3D Characters in Cinema 4D
  • Create Basic 3D Models in Blender
  • Create 3D Characters in Blender
  • Export and Import your 3D Models to Unity
  • Understand the principles of Modeling in Cinema 4D
  • Understand the principles of Modeling in Blender
  • Use Blender and understand it's Interface
  • How you can use your own created 3D Models inside of Unity
  • C# Basics for Beginners
  • Creating Game Environments

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

Learn Cinema 4D, Blender 3D and also C# with and for Unity from a award winning Instructor. Learn all about how Cinema 4D and Blender 3D works and also how you can create and animate your first 3d Models, Characters and more. Learn how you can create fantastic 3D Scenes, Motion Graphics, Simulations and many things more!

In this Tutorial Series i will teach you, how easy it can be to start with your own work inside of Cinema 4D and Blender. Cinema 4D is a mighty Software which is in using in a wide Range of Industries. Blender is a mighty Software Package too, and the best Thing here is - it is complete Free! Unity is a Fantastic Game Engine, but not only for Games, you can create with it also fantastic Product Simulations and Presentations!
With Cinema 4D and Blender you can create for example your complete own Architectural Design, Motiongraphics or also complete 3D Movies and that all in a very short time. At the End of this Course you will have all the Basic Knowledge you need to create your own fantastic 3d Projects.
Who is this class for?
People who want to improve their technical skills in a professional 3D Application but also for all beginnersPeople who want to make money by learning new skills
Why should you learn online?
Udemy is an online education platform where revolution taking place. You may have heard already about udemy in the news, or over "google" or you heard it already from a friend. Education is going to be changed forever.
I promise that this course will be better and much more effective than reading books.
What you need?
You need to have an internet connectionand the C4D-Trial you can download for free on the Maxon Homepage. Blender and Unity are available complete for Free.
What you will learn?
You will learn C4D, Blender and Unity from Scratch and how you can create for example your first Furniture and other 3d Models like Characters and more - and you learn also also how you can create Simulations and Animations and so much more!
Copyright Information: MAXON and CINEMA 4D are registered trademarks of MAXON Computer GmbH

Who this course is for:
  • This Course is for all people who are interested in 3d

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Instructor Details

Karl M.

Born in Germany, Working in 3D Business over 25 years now!
I worked for many International Companies
Today i create a lot of 3d Solutions and Apps for the Industry Worldwide.
I'm also a Award Winning Instructor (in 2001 and 2008), Teaching since years 3D in Highschools and i'm also a Award winning Designer.
For Movies i work also as a Character Animator, Python prog, Working with Maya, 3dsmax, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Blender and other Apps.
Cinema 4D and Blender are my favorite 3d Applications. For Beginners in my Eyes Cinema 4D is still the best 3D Application.
I think Cinema 4D and also Blender have a great Future and also all People who dives into the pure magic World of 3d - i do not know any better Job!
Have Fun with my Trainings!
See you !



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wow, great and excellent tutorial.

Excelente contedo, nvel avanado! O instrutor ensina muito bem!

Good introduction to basic functions.

Woow..., this instructor KNOWS. I have been wondering how I could ever be a 3d artist and this course has open my eyes and through the tricks and tips that are demonstrated, I feel aglow; that is, I stared using new brain cells in my head that were domant. This course has unleashed the 3d creative abilities in me. Thank you for this course. With great love.

This is the clearest Instruction I have ever used.

The instructor is very easy to follow. I have been messing with c4d for quite some time now I never was aware that all those tricks that he showed me existed. He is awesome. I hope he has more courses besides this one.

I bought this course mainly because of blender and general interest in 3D design.Unfortunately, the blender section is the least part of the course and nearly all examples of 3D design are provided in Cinema 4D. Since this tool is not free to use it might be hard to follow a lot of the lessons not only for me but also for other students not willing to pay for Cinema 4D.

This is the best and clearest Instruction I have ever seen here - very usefull and all the Informations are coming to the Point!

It moves really quickly but is easy to follow and understand. I really feel like I'm making progress!

this course is great for beginner and and some pros but this course really help me to understand blender and cinema 4d

Great course, loads of amazing tips and tricks.

Fachlich ist der Dozent topp, aber viel zu schnell. Ein Beispiel das sich durch den Kurs zieht wre schn und Einstellungen und Anpassungen zum Beispiel dann zeigen, wenn das Objekt es gerade erfordert, also Ziel setzen "wir wollen dieses und jenes erreichen, wie kommen wir da hin?".Die einzelnen Schritte werden schnell gezeigt und es ist fr mich nicht immer ersichtlich wann ich das brauche - mir fehlt der Bezug. Ich empfinde es als strend, dass ich mir Sequenzen mehrfach anschauen muss um mitmachen zu knnen, weil es so schnell geht. Grundstzlich sind kurze Lehreinheiten gut, aber es drfen gern statt 3 auch 4 oder 5 Minuten sein, dafr Tempo rausnehmen.Fr mich als blutige Anfngerin ist es nix offensichtlich :(