3ds Max + AE: Learn VFX, Camera Tracking and Compositing (Udemy.com)

Add Drone and other live footage to your workflow by using built-in tools from 3ds Max and Adobe After Effects.

Created by: Adam Zollinger

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Take drone and other live footage, camera track it accurately, and composite 3D elements into the footage for a convincing visual effect.
  • Camera track footage using Adobe After Effects.
  • Match 3d models to your tracking information in 3ds Max.
  • Composite using After Effects to accurately match lighting, color, etc. of the two footage tracks (rendered 3D and live action).

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Course Description

There are few better ways to present a project to your clients than through aerial fly-overs of a proposed building. Drones have made it easier than ever to aerial footage of your projects sites. In this course you will learn to take drone footage (or really any kind of footage), whether it is shot by you or someone else, and composite in your 3D creations easily and convincingly. 3DS Max and After Effects already have all the built-in tools that you need for creating visual effects using 3D composited into live footage. Follow this course and you will be amazed at how quickly and easily you can be up to speed, creating your own movie-like effects, using software you probably already have access to.
This course is broken down into three main sections:
  1. Inside of After Effects -- This is where I will show you how to generate and export 3D camera tracking data for later use in 3DS Max.
  2. Inside 3DS Max -- From AE, we will get a camera the exactly matches the zoom angle and movement of our live video footage, but in Max we will have to adjust its scale and rotation in order to get it to match with the real world. Once we have that, we can add any 3D elements we want to the footage.
  3. Bring It All Back Together In After Effects -- This is where we will do some compositing. The goal is to make the 3D animation elements and the live footage mesh together seamlessly and convincingly.
This course is hands on. You will be following along with me creating a basic aerial fly-over. You will learn the exact workflow that you need, plus a ton of tips and tricks that will help you to not get hung up when you graduate to your own projects. I have already done all the troubleshooting for you, so learn from my experience. Check out the promo video to learn more about me, and about the project you will creating in the course.

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Check out my other Arch Viz / 3D courses as well (More about those at the end of this course). I have learning opportunities for all levels, and courses that cover various different aspects of the industry.
*This course uses the latest and greatest in the two main software packages that are discussed.
**Frequent updates and additional lectures
***Lifetime access to all content and future contentWho this course is for:
  • Architectural visualization artists who want to start integrating aerial drone fly-overs into their workflow.
  • Any 3d artist who wants to learn how to composite 3d models with live action footage.
  • Architects who want to make better presentations for their projects.
  • Architecture students who want to learn professional, advanced techniques for presenting their designs.
  • Those who are interested in learning some of the basics of VFX and compositing.

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Instructor Details

Adam Zollinger

Digital Artist - 3ds Max & Photoshop
Adam has been working as a professional (and award winning) 3d artist for over 10 years, but his expertise does not stop there. He has also authored / illustrated a children's book, and created graphics for numerous mobile games. He has expert knowledge in the following programs:
3ds Max
After Effects
Unreal Engine 4
Various other software programs and plugins
Most importantly, he has dedicated himself to lifelong learning, and he loves to teach others as well.
From the artist:
"I mostly work in the Architectural Visualization industry. This a career which I almost entirely taught myself, and have perfected over several years. In order to save you the trouble of learning the hard way, like I did, I wan't to offer my expertise to you."
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By Ve on

It could have been more detail even if it's not an actual project. Not Detailed at all even for the Basic course.

I loved the step by step process (and tricks) to go through what could be a tricky workflow. It was well presented. I felt like there were a few things skipped and even though this only was to show the process of bringing in AE tracked aerial footage into 3D Max I wish it was taken to the final completion of a presentable deliverable.I think the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was it seemed like Adam was limited in or not used to using Mental Ray but wished he used V-Ray as he's used to using. I understand it was to show how to use included or free plugins/render engines but wished he just took it a few steps further into a polished final piece.Looking forward in watching some of his other tuts.

Adam is a cool dude. Appreciate his help

Muy bueno, aunque ya que es un tema bastante dificil de llevar a la practica, creo que seria mejor si hubieran mas ejemplos especificamente del trackeo en AE y como llevar esa informacion a un 3ds Max con un proyectgo de arquitectura que no sea preciso moverlo, sino acomodar la camara a el mismo.

The course was an eyeopener. I had no clue that after effects nulls could be transferred to 3dsMax for tracking. This was exactly what I needed to learn.

In the video in which you track the footage, the video skips. The tracked video on my end also skips. It would be nice if you talked about why that is happening.

Amazing !Very easy to understand and awesome instructor !

The course so far has been really really good, seeing I have never used Adobe After Effects ever before, just absolutely never used it, the clear and concise instructions on how to achieve what has to be done is outstanding, I'm so pleased as to my progress so far, I'm absolutely hoping that this course carries on with this same high class, clear and concise instruction to the very end.

Perfect for the project I'm currently working on. Lots of good stuff learned.

Clear, to the point. Easy to follow.

Buen tema, solo falta profundizar un poco mas en el tema pero hasta ahora muy buen curso

The course is very straight forward and easy to follow.