Foundation in C#: Getting Started

Tim Corey built this curriculum to help newcomers get started in C# and Visual Studio. It is split into four different sections, and each has a quiz to ensure students are grasping important concepts. It is completely self-paced, and it takes a unique approach in trying to give students resources to continue their education indefinitely.

Created by: Tim Corey

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Visual Studio.
  • Introduction to C#.
  • Getting started with real programming.

Quality Score

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Overall Score : 94 / 100

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Course Description

Learning C# requires a good foundation. That sets you up for writing better code faster with less bugs. This first module gets you started into the overall course. Learn how to configure and use Visual Studio, learn the basic rules of C#, and get prepared to start building applications. You will also get an overview of the entire course (sold in modules).



    • Course offers a money back guarantee.
    • Course does not delve into challenging topics that would frighten beginners.
    • Tim Corey is a widely respected educator in many computer science subtopics.
    • Course does not push beyond introductory level ideas.
    • Course is pretty bare bones. Despite the ongoing learning resources, there is little to aid a student who has a hard time with any particular idea.

Instructor Details

Tim Corey

Tim learned software development the hard way, with lots of dead-ends, confusion, and knowledge gaps. His goal is to make learning software development easier through clear tutorials, best practices, and relating everything to the real world.



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By cbirchy87 on 6/17/2019

I have tried a few YouTube tutorials but personally nothing comes close to Tim Corey. He's great! His pace of learning and explanation is second to none.

By sunshinedave on 7/15/2019

Its all too easy to patch together a working application (as a non-developer), but without real knowledge of how it should be done! Some of the foundation stuff is very basic (as expected), but its easy to watch and theres some really good explanations there.

By andis59 on 10/28/2019

Tim Corey has a number of videos on C# programming and a couple that shows building an application from start to finish. I have always had a problem with videos but I like his!

By Jacob on 2020-10-16

Tim Corey makes amazing videos and his voice is very calming which makes watching a bit easier. I have subscribed to his all access pass too (50USD a month) even though that price is higher than sites like Pluralsight of LinkedIn, it is worth every penny. He explains everything in detail in all videos. Also he posts YouTube videos that give you industry tips and tricks as well. His courses are the reason I am now a junior developer without college or taking a bootcamp.