Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Corporate Video (

In this Adobe Premiere Pro course, we'll edit video, enhance colors and fix bad audio.

Created by: Daniel Walter Scott

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • 13 lectures of well-structured, step by step content!
  • You'll learn to make corporate video for YouTube, social media & your website.
  • How to edit video in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Fixing or hiding bad video footage
  • How to add fade, cross fade, black fade transitions.
  • How to adjust loudness of audio so it sounds normal & balanced
  • How to Sync separate audio with video
  • How to fix color & add a vignette
  • Adding & animating a logo intro
  • Adding names or adding text over video - lower thirds
  • How to export & make a mp4s
  • You will get the finished files so you never fall behind
  • Downloadable exercise files
  • Forum support from me and the rest of the BYOL crew
  • All the techniques used by video professionals

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Overall Score : 98 / 100

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Course Description

Hi there, my name is Dan and together we're going to learn how to create a professional corporate video using Adobe Premiere Pro.
I am an Adobe Certified Instructor and I've been teaching Premiere Pro for more than 10 years. I work closely with Adobe presenting seminars on their behalf at conferences and I write and present some of their Premiere Pro help videos for distribution worldwide.
This course is for beginners. You do not need any previous knowledge in Premiere Pro or video editing experience. We will make a video together from start to finish, step by step. By the end of this course you will know how to take your raw video files, edit them and improve their video and audio elements. You will learn how to add additional footage to enhance any boring video and hide the occasional mistake.
Yo will master transitions. You will learn how to sync separate audio & video files together all the way through to animating your logos & baseline subtitles.
If you have any trouble with your projects, camera or audio problems drop me a message. I am happy to help out. There are also exercise files so that you can follow along with the course videos.
If you need to start making professional corporate videos to impress colleges & clients come join me in the class. I will make easy and fun - I promise.Who this course is for:
  • This course is for beginners.
  • This course is for people wanting to learn how to put together raw footage they may have shot themselves
  • This course is for people wanting to learn the basics of editing in Premiere Pro CC

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Instructor Details

Daniel Walter Scott

Sharing is who I am, and teaching is where I am at my best, because I've been on both sides of that equation, and getting to deliver useful training is my meaningful way to be a part of the creative community.
I've spent a long time watching others learn, and teach, to refine how I work with you to be efficient, useful and, most importantly, memorable. I want you to carry what I've shown you into a bright future.
I have a wife (a lovely Irish girl) and kids. I have lived and worked in many places (as Kiwis tend to do) but most of my 14+ years of creating and teaching has had one overriding theme: bringing others along for the ride as we all try to change the world with our stories, our labours of love and our art.
I'm a certified Adobe instructor (ACI) in Ireland. I'm also an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) and have completed the Adobe Certified Associate training (ACA). And I don't just do Adobe. Remember, media is a very broad term digital blew out the borders, so we are all constantly learning.
I've been teaching for 14+ years. I come from being a media designer and content creator so I understand exactly where you're at now. I've been there. I love this stuff. Print, digital publishing, web and video. I can see how it all connects. And I can see how we can share those connections.
I built Bring Your Own Laptop in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia & online. I have a great team working with me to keep BYOL at the top of Adobe and digital media training. I u



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Short and sweet course to start jumping into it right away. Now am felling comfortable with Adobe products and ready to hop on into After effects course!

Great beginner course. I was expecting something intimidating, but it was the opposite. Teaching you the basics of Premiere Pro and by the end, you'll have made a little video. I'm a noob, but now I know (a bit) my way around Premiere Pro. Thanks, Dan!

I loved the course and learned a lot. I did have issues with the talking head 4 file. Every time I imported it I lost audio. I know the audio exists because it plays fine before I import it so I know this is a user error on my part. I must be doing something wrong. Hmmm? Other than that very minor personal issue, everything was perfect!!!

Great course, short and to the point. The only little caveat is when synching separate audio and video I had to choose differently (by audio) than what the instructor had. Other than that, I really enjoyed doing it.

High quality videos, well structured course, nice content... enjoyed every part of the class! When it comes to an adobe product, Daniel's courses is my first thought!

Thank you very much for making this course!I loved it and learned a lot!I understand it is the course for beginners, yet, I thought it will be a lot nicer if it would have a little more advanced techniques as well.

Instructor knows the software and is easy to follow. Instructions are clear but the pace is a little quick for beginners.

Fantastic introduction to Premier Pro. The various chapters have been really handy as a reference to go back to as I am practising what I have learnt.

A really good instructor with a confident, non-annoying voice and would like to follow his after effects course also!

I'm a complete beginner with Premiere Pro. I needed something to get me up and running quickly with the basics and this course did not disappoint. This was my first experience with this instructor and I'm really glad I found this course. Some reviewers (who didn't read the course description carefully) groused that this was a little too basic for them, but that's exactly what attracted me to it.I had first purchased another Premiere Pro course meant for beginners but my eyes were already starting to glaze over by the end of the first lesson. I learn best in a hands-on, follow along environment (most people do, I believe) and that course was mostly academic.So I started looking on Udemy for something different when I came across Dan's course. I immediately appreciated its relatively short length. If you're a complete beginner and you need to get up and running quickly with a program, having to sift through hours of videos to find the bits you need just to get to square one is daunting. But I simply downloaded Dan's course files, opened up the program and followed his instructions. I can now actually import my own video clips and put something decent together, including transitions and audio corrections!There doesn't appear to be a more in-depth Premiere Pro course from this instructor on Udemy, which is a little disappointing since he's a really good teacher. However, he does have in-depth courses on other Adobe programs I need/want to learn too, so I have purchased several and I'm looking forward to getting started with them.That other beginning Premiere Pro course I tried first...? The good news is that after taking Dan's course it makes a lot more sense to me now, which makes finding the "useful bits" inside its gazillion lessons much easier.

Clear, concise, and to the point in every video with a twist of fun and enthusiasm. Perfect for quickly learning how to edit in Adobe Premiere!Thanks a lot, Dan! Your courses are extremely helpful and informative!

Dan is clearly my favorite teacher on this plateforme ! He is amazing.This Premiere CC course is short and straight to the point. Perfect for me !