Learn Ruby on Rails - Build a Craigslist Clone (Udemy.com)

Build a minimalist classifieds website from scratch with Rails 4 and Ruby 2.

Created by: Jay Lee

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Gain a general understanding of Rails
  • Build a Classifieds website with Ruby on Rails

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

Learn Ruby on Rails by following this project-based tutorial!
I strongly believe that the best way to learn to code is by building something from scratch. Code snippets and books are great, but you truly learn when you are doing. This course will show you how to build a classifieds website, starting at the "rails new" command. You will get a basic understanding of the MVC structure of Rails, a general grasp of Ruby, and have something to show for it in the end! Oh, no scaffolds here. When I say scratch, it truly is from scratch!
The course will not be covering installation of Ruby/Rails. There are many fantastic tutorials that walk you through those steps. The focus here is to get your hands dirty and dive straight into the code. I will not be covering HTML/CSS, which is why I've provided the markup and styling for you in separate files! Please download them so you can follow along and add them to your project.
TDD/BDD will also not be covered. While these are fantastic conventions when working on a production-level application, the value cannot be appreciated if you're new to programming. It adds unnecessary complexity and the goal is to learn Ruby/Rails, which is why this course will not be covering testing. Who this course is for:
  • Beginners looking to learn Ruby on Rails

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Instructor Details

Jay Lee

I'm a self taught programmer who has learned everything I know from my peers or online resources (including Udemy). I'm hoping to give back to the community by teaching what I've learned to others to spread the knowledge.
I take on the more practical approach. Instead of going through theory, I like to be more hands-on and start building things from the start. It's how I learned and I think it works best when people work on real projects instead of going through textbook-style exercises.



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This course really shows what we need to anderstand while creating a project from scracth and have hands on ruby on rails development Very handy for new developers portfolio

I like the way that he is teaching the course. It is a little bid complicated for beginners since it is a real and difficult project, but I suggest you to watch it again and again. As he said, one of the best ways to learn coding is working on a real project. For that reason, I highly recommend you to take this course.

It was so satisfying having a complete, functioning, relevant rails app at the end. Wonderful beginner level course. The video segments weren't too long, he didn't dive too deep into theory but made sure to explain what was going on and why. The only thing I would ask to be improved upon is the volume of the lectures, most were very quiet. Overall, I am proud to put this one in my beginner's portfolio. Thanks!

well organized, clearly taught; I've really enjoyed this course and I've taken about 15 courses online through various website, all on tech subjects related to development. Some are good, some are not-so-good - this one is worth purchasing.

Very good live instructions. Learned a lot and love the app. The volume was a little low. Note that the devise gem needs to upgrade bcrypt. I got it working after a few attempts of updating the bcrypt. Yahooo!

Very good course. Very easy to follow. I especially liked when the instructor made mistakes, found the errors and corrected them.But the instructor needs to speak more loudly. Also, the typing is a bit fast. He should announce what he is typing (commands and/or code) and then pause (with the screen unchanged). It was often challenging to copy the code.

I have done a few courses on Rails. This one is unique because he shows you how to build each model, view, & controller from scratch. This really takes the mystery out of each.He gives great explanations and you can easily track along with him. You have to be accurate in your coding. You're coding everything by hand, including your migrations. Excellent exercises!

It was a complete training in all aspects and is a good way to start to grasp RoR

Great Rails course. I like that Jay makes some mistakes as he goes along and fixes them. He thinks through his mistakes and develops a working solution. I also like how he incorporated his HTML and CSS files in his instruction. In many Rails tutorials instructors skip over "hacking" the views together from the HTML and CSS files. Seeing Jay using his simple HTML and CSS files to build the Rails views was very helpful. This is a very good intro rails course, well done. Great value!

I am very happy to learn this course. If you are a beginner and want to get more deeper into Rails go for this course. Here, you will build from scratch and learn to debug. It is compatible to rails 5 as well, its only minor differences and every syntax that is updated on rails 5 is already discussed on stackoverflow. Just google it.I wish you good luck with this course!!Thanks to our great Instructor :) !!

i love that the focus is on the code, with no need to study front-end topics. also, handwriting everything instead of using rails to generate models and controllers really lets me see how little needs to be written.

If you can overlook pristine best practices (although, common', it's not "that" bad), he definitely gets you up and running with your CL clone. It's good that he does this manually IMO. Fwiw, I'm a developer but just not a great RoR guy. If I have more questions I feel I should investigate, I've just paused the video and went and looked it up on google or github etc. I'll definitely be reskinning this once I'm done (I'm on last chapter), but, as a front end developer with my own opinions, I'm actually glad it's more "bare bones" since I won't have to undo a bunch of b.s. styles.A small thing I noticed were a couple of conditionals that he used single equals instead of the preferred double equals (in Ruby).I did the course using codenvy free account and just set up my .ssh key to work with my github. So, if I "get serious" about the project, I'll have all the code backed up.I had to do following to get that set up and follow along:gem 'rb-readline in gemfile to be able to do `rails c`but otherwise followed the https://codenvy.com/docs/user-guide/commands/index.html and peeked at http://guides.railsgirls.com/installand was up and running. I used the ruby/rails stack "out of the box" and was able to follow him along typing in same code and it worked fineso no real dependency issues even though the course was made in '14So, yeah, I liked this course! I paid $14 with a coupon. Not sure I'd be satisfied paying more than that for this course fwiw.